Tone of Voice.

Tamesis Tone Of Voice (ToV) is a customisable online text analysis tool to help your organisation create accessible, consistent writing for your brand.

Tamesis Tone Of Voice (ToV) is a valuable tool for ensuring consistency in written content. By analysing factors such as sentence length, word complexity, and overall readability, it helps writers maintain a consistent style throughout their documents.

The tool highlights potential areas of improvement, ensuring that the content remains coherent, easily comprehensible, and engaging for the intended audience. The ToV contributes to the overall quality and effectiveness of written communication, enhancing the writer’s credibility and reader’s experience.

ToV gives your users instant, customised feedback on readability and “tone of voice”.

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Powerful text analysis

ToV calculates a readability score based on Flesch-Kincaid and/or Gunning-Fogg readability metrics, and provides recommendations to users based on the analysis to help them improve readability of their text. It also features a user-customisable thesaurus, to suggest alternatives to non-preferred terminology.


Scoring methodology and thresholds, user feedback, preferred terminology thesaurus, acronym allow list and look-and-feel are all highly-customisable to your organisation’s requirements.


ToV does not store submitted text, and can be locked-down to ensure that only your organisation can access your customised instance.

Logging and metrics

ToV can capture and store statistics of analysed text to measure usage and quality of submitted text. Summaries can be viewed, and optionally emailed to administrators regularly.

Why is Tone of Voice important?

Constancy of style is crucial in writing due to several key reasons:

  1. Coherence
    Enhances professionalism and credibility, presenting a unified and polished image of the company or organisation.
  2. Effective Communication
    When readers encounter consistent style elements, they can quickly grasp the intended message and navigate the document effortlessly. This saves time and minimises confusion, allowing the focus to remain on the content itself.
  3. Brand Recognition
    Constancy of style fosters brand recognition and brand consistency. By adhering to a consistent style guide, businesses and organisations can reinforce their visual identity and establish a recognisable brand voice.

How can Tone of Voice help you?

ToV has helped companies meet it’s communication targets, and reduce internal effort reviewing documentation and communications


Every element of the checker can be customised to your needs and written style. From the initial instruction, to the hints and tips the users receive, everything can be customised to your organisations needs.

Your rules

We set the tool up with the standard recommended settings for readability. However if you prefer the tool to suggest a shorter sentence or paragraph length, this can be customised to your preferences.


Absolutely none of the text entered into the tool is stored in any way. All text is analysed in the browser and then discarded.


Show the long term changes in your organisation’s writing. By checking the scores monthly you can see whether your company is improving its writing ability as the scores improve and incorporate their success in reports to senior management.

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